The mailing list as a free meeting.

The system of the mailing list is used as meeting.
We can exchange informations.

The mail sent to the address of the mailing list
is reproduced and sent to all participants
in the mailing list.

In your e-mail software,
the mailing list works as not opened SNS in addition
to the participants.

Now, in the mailing list,
I assume the grope of the method of the benefit of me and yours
about the Glass Bead Game or Art of Effect.

I prepare two mailing lists.
Those are the mailing list with English (up to 200 participants)
and the mailing list with Japanese (up to 100 participants).

Restrictions of the participant number are set up
by possibility of being processed as an "unsolicited junk e-mail",
when many same mails are sent to many persons by the same server.

It works also as a mail magazine
which sends by a participant mutually.

Those who expect participation of the mailing list need to send
to me the mail with the title "mailing list participating hope",
and "your name" was written in the mail.
I register the mail address of the mail into the mailing list.

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