Effect of existence.

Responding to science, thought, etc. manifesting human's nature
as a phenomenon,
the elucidation and use of effect responding to the existence itself
get to be required.

1. Aspect of origin.

1-1. Intuition because of existing.

The human being is a phenomenon and
a phenomenon arises in universality.
The human being intuits by own existing universality.
Brains are the internal organs
reproducing the phenomenal world.
The brain intuits the phenomenal world
using reproduction of the human being's own universality.

1-2. The reaction system to a principle.

Universality exists in the phenomenal world consistently.
Because the consistent universality can be found out
in the human being's activity,
the human being can be found out as a reaction system
to universality.
Therefore, though indefinite, the human being makes
the premise of the principle.

2. Aspect of practice.

The human being considers
that work of the phenomenal world is
that various force arises.
the human being has practical workability
about the force of arising.

by being aware of the practical workability,
the human being can be active so that various change
may be transcended.

The practical workability which has been aware of
is the phenomenon world as nature of the formation
of experience.

I classify the force or practical workability
into following seven.

viewpoint, foreseeing, awakening, precedence, occurrence,
development, and flux.

3. Aspect of manifestation.

Above-mentioned two make
the human being's transcendental practical workability
possible to the phenomenon world.

The transcendental practical workability is a prior stage
of new manifestation.

What manifests
the transcendental practical workability actually
is the scheme method.

The scheme method for manifesting transcendence
in the domain of the reason concept materializes
the Glass Bead Game
(art which has the method in the reason domain).

Without limiting a domain,
the scheme method manifesting transcendence freely
materializes the arts of an effect.

In 1-3, it is an effect that has manifested itself.

If the person is healthy,
every human being has the ability of 1-3 in innate
as makings.

the elements have arisen in the method of
the existing economy and industry,
and a new development domain arises by each of 1-3,
or the whole from now on.

Reference: Transcendence and the first scheme method
of the Glass Bead Game.

(October 15, 2015.)

(C)Copyright 2015 Kyo Nissho. All rights reserved.